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Free Targeted Mass COVID-19 Testing

NOTE: In order for your child to be tested, the following criteria MUST be satisfied. ZERO exceptions.
1. You must fill out the online consent form. No paper consent forms will be accepted.
2. You must list your email address on the consent form.
3. You must list your phone number on the consent from.
Students whose parents have not met these criteria will not be tested.
You only need to fill out the online consent form ONCE in order for your child to be eligible for testing whenever Poplar Healthcare visits our Mendenhall campus. We recognize, however, that not everyone who participated in our first round of testing intends for their child to be tested at each subsequent test drive. This form was sent home with your student on Friday, September 3rd so you can have the opportunity to notify us of your preferences for this coming Tuesday's visit.
Aqui hay una version en Espanol.