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MSE Benefits

MSE-Paid Supplemental Benefits

Supplemental benefits provided by MSE are provided to full-time employees to ensure all personal healthcare needs are covered. Depending on the employee’s role, MSE can cover all or partial amounts of supplemental benefits, providing you the best healthcare opportunities available.

The following benefits are paid in full or in part by the Memphis School of Excellence to all full-time employees as part of our standard compensation plan. The level of benefit may vary based on employee role.

Health Benefits

"Health Insurance coverage is available to eligible MSE employees. MSE's contribution to employee insurance premiums is determined by the Board of Directors and is 66%. An employee may pay a group rate to add his or her spouse, children, or other eligible family members to an insurance policy. Detailed descriptions of insurance coverage, prices, and eligibility requirements are provided to all employees in a separate booklet.

COBRA Coverage

"COBRA Coverage In accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (“COBRA”), continuation coverage under any group health insurance plan established after July 1, 1986, to the following qualified beneficiaries for the stated period of time:

  • To the employee for 18 months after termination (other than for gross misconduct) or reduction in hours. An employee providing notice of being disabled under Title II or XVI of the Social Security Act before the end of the initial 18 months of coverage shall be offered up to 29 months of continuation coverage.
  • To dependents of the covered employee for 36 months after the employee becomes eligible for Medicare benefits.
  • To dependents of the covered employee for 36 months after the employee’s death or the divorce or legal separation of the employee from a spouse.
  • To a dependent child for 36 months after the child ceases to be a dependent under the terms of the plan. Employees and dependents that are covered by the group health plan at the time of the qualifying event are eligible to continue coverage. If a qualifying event is either: (a) the divorce of an employee; or (b) a child becoming ineligible for coverage, the eligible participants must notify the Benefits or Payroll Department in writing. The Benefits or Payroll Department will then give written notice to the participants of the continuation option. If the qualifying event is the employee’s death, Medicare eligibility, or termination of employment (or reduction of hours), the Benefits or Payroll Department will give written notice to the participants of the continuation option. Eligible participants have 60 days to give written notice to the Benefits or Payroll Department of a desire to continue coverage. The election must specify the names of covered individuals and the reason for and the date of the qualifying event. As long as the premium is paid on a timely basis, the participants’ coverage will continue unless:
  • The benefit time period expires;
  • A continued participant has coverage under any other group health plan, which does not contain an exclusion for any preexisting condition of the participant;
  • Coverage ceases for failure to pay the premium;
  • A continued participant becomes entitled to Medicare benefits; or
  • MSE no longer provides group health coverage for its employees. Benefits for continued participants will be the same as those for active employees. Rates will be based upon the rates for active employees, without MSe's contribution. If MSE changes benefits or rates, the continued participants will receive the new benefits and a new rate. A service fee of 2% of the premium may be added to the premium and is payable by the continued participant to MSE on a monthly basis. An extra premium of 50% may be added for participants who extend coverage from 18 to 29 months. The participant is responsible for the premium payment. "

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability While FMLA leave is generally unpaid, eligible employees in qualified positions may be able to benefit from MSE's employer-paid short-term disability (“STD”) insurance benefit to help supplement an employee’s income if an absence requires time away from work due to an injury or illness that is not work-related, or due to pregnancy. In order to qualify for STD insurance, an employee must meet all requirements set by the plan sponsor.


Additional information on potential qualifying disabilities can be obtained through the Human Resources Department. If eligible, the plan sponsor will mail disability check(s) directly to the address the claiming employee provides on the claim form. STD may also be available for the birth of an eligible employee’s child (subject to requirements of the STD plan) if the employee has given birth and is the primary caregiver for the child during the planned period of absence.


According to current STD plan rules, up to 24 weeks of postpartum disability may be allowed for routine pregnancies. Employees should inform the Principal immediately if they have been placed on bed rest by their health care provider during pregnancy.


The employee must return to work as soon as permitted by his or her health care provider. The employee must also complete and return all return-to-duty paperwork required under the STD plan. Any form of approved STD will run concurrently with available FMLA leave, and with all school breaks, holidays, or vacations.


Life Insurance

This $100,000 benefit is through MSE all full-time employees (eligible for retirement contributions) are auto-enrolled effective hire date.

Online Will Preparation

At MSE, we are pleased to offer you Online Will Preparation and Claimant Support Services through SunLife ComPsych® Corporation. These services are included with your Life insurance plan.
To protect your assets and loved ones, you can go online to create and download a will
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Online Will Preparation provided by ComPsych to active employees enrolled in Sun Life’s Life insurance. This service is not insurance.

Claimant Support Services

Losing a loved one or becoming disabled can be overwhelming to say the least. With Claimant Support Services, you have access to no-cost, objective financial planning, legal information, and emotional support, if you or your family member has filed a claim with us.
If you need to talk to a counselor or need legal or financial information because of a Life or Disability insurance claim with Sun Life, you can call ComPsych for no-cost, objective assistance.
Claimant Support Services provided by ComPsych to Sun Life’s Life insurance claimants and beneficiaries. Up to five counseling sessions per claim. This service is not insurance.
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